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  • Indoor and Outdoor Lighting AXEL OPEN SYSTEM 1  | Castaldi Lighting_0
  • Indoor and Outdoor Lighting AXEL OPEN SYSTEM 1  | Castaldi Lighting_1

AXEL OS1 is the first modular recessed system capable of integrating all three types of SLED module. The system is based on modular units that offer the utmost flexibility
whereas the installation casing and light clusters are separate so as to provide designers with complete freedom.

The complete range of light fixtures caters for the following applications:
- Controlled-glare light for offices with UGR<19;
- Accent lights with either round or square adjustable modules, up to 9 fixed lights and ZOS (Zoom On Site);
- Continuous uniform luminous lines for architectural light creativity.

The system can be personalised by varying the length and obtaining different functions, such as adding wireless control and occupancy sensors.

What is more, Castaldi Lighting provides the system in another two sizes:
- AXEL OS4 (width 63mm);
- AXEL OS9 (width 93mm);
with single, double and triple units or as a linear luminous channel.