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CASTALDI LIGHTING was founded in 2011 from the merger of Ing. Castaldi Illuminazione and Norlight, two historic companies in the lighting sector which, over the years, succeeded in winning a solid and recognised position respectively in the Outdoor (Castaldi) segment and the Indoor (Norlight) segment.

Castaldi and Norlight products are the result of the continuous commitment to R&D and of the development of advanced Production Systems, the constants of Castaldi Lighting investments. In 2015 the Company started the production of SLED, a modular and versatile patented LED system which can create and satisfy every application requirement; flux, light beams, colour temperatures, etc. can be combined to satisfy the specifications of every particular project and therefore, can be adapted to any single Designers.

At Light & Building 2016, around SLED the complete and vast range of “Add-ons” (structures created need to house and contain the various combinations of SLED are presented for the first time. BOOK, BE, AXEL, RIGO, FREEDOM, EIDOS, TACTO and PLANO are the various “Add-on” installation. These allow the extraordinary performances of SLED to be included in any environment, in any structure and in any operating condition.

Still at Light&Building 2016, Castaldi Lighting presents a vast series of new product lines, the result of an intense research, innovation and technical development in the various application areas, of Norlight (Indoor) and Castaldi (outdoor):

FILO FLEX, the range of light fittings composed of supple luminous lines, designed for architecture and ideal for marking the perimeters of every type of building;

SL.EVO RADIUS, the complete range of curved elements that stand out for the vast selection of possible solutions and for the homogeneous quantity of light it provides. It integrates, in continuity, with all the already available options of SL.EVO, the Norlight profiles system.

USEPARTOUT, design by Joerg Krewinkel, which combines the potential of SLED with the harmony of an intense and simple design suitable for every in & out-door area.

KEA, design by Habits, one line, one strong decisive imprint, integrating and characterising all out-door lighting functions;

MONSIEUR, design by 5+1AA, the gentle presence of a freestanding light which discreetly fills the place in which it is installed.

Also, a great series of new products complete and extend existing ranges of Norlight and Castaldi, with excellent solutions and performances: the new TELLUX, TAU, SOSIA, conic product of Castaldi for more than 50 years.

“This Light&Building 2016 is a point of arrival and re-start for Castaldi Lighting” comments Stefano Ferro, the Chairman of Castaldi Lighting. “It is the expression of a great technological and innovation effort that is recognised all over the world.

In 2015 Castaldi Lighting won important projects, such as the new Abu Dhabi International Airport, the Cleveland Clinics and Marseilles Docks. All projects with a high architectural and technological value, we have made in the last 3 years investments in human resources, in products, technologies, but also in production systems, such as the SLED cautomatic assembly line which adapts the cutting-edge production technologies.

All of this so that we can guarantee our clients, always and all over the world, the best quality and the best lighting solution”.