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Designed as a trip around the world and inside the Castaldi Lighting universe, the "Lighting Atlas Volume 1"
is the first collection of the most recent international implementations.

A book to guide the reader, page after page, in discovering places, architectures and architects locations many different views:
from universities to airports, from hospitals to parks and even entire residential complexes.

The common denominator being the lighting projects implemented by Castaldi Lighting, ideally connected by the atlas of our school days.
An itinerary, which travels to many countries but which always, brings us back to Italy, to the heart of the Company.

Inside the "Lighting Atlas"are two papers, describing the peculiarities of the production process and, the obsessive attention for details
and quality, typical of Castaldi Lighting products.

The first, “Notes from production”, is a behind-the-scenes report and, precisely for this reason, implemented in black and white, by Adriano Brusaferri.
It narrates the birth of Castaldi Lighting products, as the result of a perfect combination between solid manufacturing experience and cutting-edge technologies.

The second paper is dedicated to the photos of Tom Vack who offers us, through his lens, a privileged view of the product.
Objects that become precious, revealing details that make each creation unique.

A book, therefore, that will take you on an amazing journey to discover the world, lit our way.

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