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News/ A delightful framework of lights

A delightful framework of Castaldi lights. Castaldi is partner in the IULMopenair lighting project, aimed at making the most of the architecture and works-of-art in on-Campus open spaces.

This is one of the main objectives of IULM University. IULMopenair is the name of an important project aimed at enhancing the quality of on-Campus open spaces. The two main “squares” in the University can be converted into two real open-air galleries. Here you can host exhibitions and displays capable of creating opportunities for sharing ideas and building contacts and firm relationships between the University, which is increasingly active in the field of art teaching, and the important events that take place in Milan. The first square will have a lighting project aimed at turning the existing architecture into a colourful stage where works of art can be put on display in cabinets, which will be lit with white light in order to enhance their contents. In the second square, six floodlights will be placed on the building rooftops to make the most of the works on display.

IULMopenair, the outdoor areas of IULM University, open to great artists.