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News/ Aperio presentation

Sala delle Colonne - Museo del Duomo - Palazzo Reale Milano

Castaldi Lighting presents Aperio, The new way to conceive light.
The innovative lighting solution that integrates in the environment architecture transforming light into motion.

Aperio represents the most modern contribution to interior lighting. Thanks to its high technological contents , its large size (over 2.6 m high), its ability to convey both light and movement at the same time, it stands out as the newest way of representing environmental lighting.

The result of a collaboration between Castaldi Lighting and Studio A++, this innovative project is a source of emotion and excitement. When switched on, Aperio progressively spreads out its light as it comes out of the wall, leaving a trail of light behind. When switched off, it folds away and disappears into the wall.

Aperio is available in two versions, representing two types of movement in space: rotation and protrusion. Rotating Aperio moves around its vertical axis by up to +50° and -50° of rotation. Protruding Aperio, however, features a swivelling motion system hinged on the lower base. The upper part of the light fixture protrudes by over 40mm. In both versions, sophisticated electronics control the light intensity, movement and timing. These three elements become the new lighting variables and can be easily customised and programmed via manual controls, wi-fi or from mobile devices.

These features allow for a wide and sophisticated range of solutions that can be adapted to suit any environment and any conditions. Aperio is also compatible with the most advanced Building Automation systems.

Aperio is therefore another big step in the process of technological development that Castaldi Lighting has been engaged in during the past few years, through its brands Norlight and Castaldi: Half, Volvendo and the entire new LED range for exteriors are just a few of our newest products and innovative designs.