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News/ 80 anniversary 1938-2018

Castaldi Lighting 80 Years: Light. Our Passion – Projects. Our Mission.

Castaldi Lighting was born in 1938, undergoing the difficult and exciting years of 20th century.
The Company, for 80 years, has worked together with famous Architects and Designers, with major Companies in many key-projects in every Country.
Numerous Castaldi Lighting products became icons, today still on display in the most important Design Museums in the world.
A continuous effort, from the beginning, towards Product Innovation.

Going from start-up to scale-up calls for celebration, but, more, it calls for forward thinking, because, without question, our greatest accomplishments still lie ahead of us.

Today though, we are thinking much more about Castaldi Lighting’s future than its past. I believe Lighting will evolve faster in the next 10 years than it ever has before; we already live in a multi-platform world where the integration among systems will be the normal in the future.

Castaldi Lighting already stared this journey; SLED®, the innovative modular system, is already at the third stage of its evolution in less than 3 years and we continue to invest on this absolute concept to develop new directions.
This is the example of this vocation that pervades the company since its inception. A vocation inspired by and built around the technology which is the driving force, leading our actions, from the very first days.
Castaldi Lighting pioneered, new methods, applications, techniques that enabled the Company to move into totally new areas of lighting technologies in outdoor as well as in indoor.

Light. Our Passion – Projects. Our Mission: this is the synthesis of the work we do every day and the Castaldi Lighting Strategy has been grounded on it over the time.

International and highly demanding Clients have always been our “reference system” to confirm the speed and to stay on course to further development.
Our Clients are working with us every day; they inspire, they require, they check and assess what we deliver.
Their Projects are our Projects, their goals are ours.

We have accomplished a lot together during our first 80 years and empowered countless businesses and People to realize their projects. But what matters most now is what we do next.

Thank you for helping make Castaldi Lighting a fantastic Company now and for decades to come.