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News/ 5+1AA EVENT

HALF // US49

Castaldi Lighting and Studio 5+1AA presented Half at the US49 event space in Milan.

The event included the presentation of the book Agenzia Spaziale Italiana by Studio 5+1AA, edited by photographer Ernesta Caviola and published by Marsilio Editori. Architects Alfonso Femia and Gianluca Peluffo showed and explained the evocative images of the new headquarters of the Italian Space Agency in Rome. Half, in a geometric composition created for the occasion, illuminated the US49 event space of Universal Selecta, where the event was held. Below we include some comments by Studio 5+1AA on Half, the product designed by the studio and manufactured by Castaldi Lighting.



What lies behind the wall?

Castaldi strive to design faultless 
luminaires which defi ne themselves 
by illuminated shape and form or the 
light created defi nes the environment 
in which they are utilised. 
Light should not be thought of in 
terms of something unable to create 
spacial reactions but rather should be 
regarded as a surprising enhancing feature.
Having suspended light rings with 
varying geometries, illuminated 
opaque rings create a magical eff ect 
altering mood and character within a space.
It only takes HALF!


5+1AA & Castaldi Lighting

Alfonso Femia Gianluca Peluffo Simonetta Cenci


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