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UCI Cinemas - Oriocenter

Bergamo - Italy

Client: UCI Cinemas International
Architect: DW9 Architect Benjamin Feldtkeller
Finishings general Contractor: EM Soluzioni Srl
Project Management and projecs supervision: J&A Consultants Srl


Technology can stir emotions. This is what the IMAX theatre in the multiplex UCI Cinemas Orio (Bergamo - Italy) aims to do. It is set on becoming a gold standard for anyone who wants to enjoy an unconventional and unforgettable film experience.

It is not the first IMAX centre in Italy or even in the world for that matter (there are 1,226), but the OrioCenter is the most advanced in Italy without a shadow of a doubt. Let's look at some figures to demonstrate the point: a 490 square-metre screen that cost more than € 50,000 (the projection surface only), equipment worth over 1.5 million and, most especially, the first IMAX laser installation on Italian soil which delivers indisputable benefits in terms of image quality and viewer experience. The cinema theatre will accommodate 2D and 3D showings on a gigantic slightly curved screen measuring 29.5 x 16.5 metres and designed to offer a wider field of view than classic cinemas by completely exploiting side vision. This gives the audience a truly immersive experience. ©

In such a highly technological context where everything has to proceed without a hitch, Castaldi Lighting did its bit too by presenting a custom solution for wall illumination whilst providing outstanding safety standards and ease of installation without detracting in any way from the sense of drama required of the lighting or interfering with cinema-goers’ comfort levels.

The end result is hi-tech futuristic illumination that will leave users awestruck but which vanishes without a trace when the film is being shown thanks to the anti-glare treatment of the Sled-Square screens.

This project is a great source of pride for Castaldi Lighting and constitutes an example of seamless teamwork which allowed us to accomplish such an ambitious goal.

The supply contract also included an order to illuminate the other 13 theatres, the bathrooms and common areas.