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The life Electric

Como - Italy

Project: Arch. Libeskind, Arch. Gianmarco Martorana
Electrical project: Studio Artis - Electrical Engineering


“The Life Electric” monument, in honor of Alessandro Volta, will be erected at the center of Lake Como’s first basin, standing at the final rounded portion of the breakwater facing Cavour Square. The work itself intertwines energetic and scientific elements with natural ones. It marks the area’s third pole as it is situated between the Brunate Lighthouse and the public gardens Temple, two other works that are, not coincidentally, dedicated to Volta. The monument will be immersed in a series of lighting and transparency effects that allow for a smoother transition to the surrounding area while still reflecting the depth and visual stimuli that characterize the basin.

Giuseppe Blengini, the architect of the Studio Libeskind Milan who oversaw the project, said: “We have achieved in record time, an extraordinary work in a difficult environment. This is not just a monument. We have created an urban space, a new square, a place in which to experience the city and enjoy the view.

The final part of the walkway was lit up with the product PLANO SURFACE; to fit perfectly into the environment, it has been made an ad hoc fixing system, which perfectly camouflages itself the light fixture in the railing. The pool at the base of the sculpture is illuminated with CHIARO30 IP68, the ideal solution for illuminating a sheet of water in complete safety.

Products used in this project