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Shopping Center BENNET

Chivasso-Turin – Italy

Project: Brunori & Associati S.R.L.
Customer: Gallerie Commerciali Bennet S.p.A.

The new Bennet hypermarket in Chivasso is so much more than an innovative facility with a broad selection of premium-quality products: it reflects the ongoing quest to satisfy customers through the excellence of its products and services.

The typical quality and affordability associated with Bennet are now integrated and enhanced thanks to technological innovations and the introduction of unique services to limit the bewildering effect of large department stores, making the shopping experience even simpler and quicker for customers. Moreover, all these features are enclosed within a highly functional and user-friendly structure.

In Chivasso, every detail is carefully studied to produce a rewarding and unique experience for the customer, reflecting the pursuit of all-round excellence that only a 100% Italian company such as Bennet is capable of offering.

In the context of its on going quest for perfection, Bennet has chosen Castaldi Lighting to illuminate the external access points and the internal galleries.

SLed® is the technological core of the solutions adopted for the project; it is adopted both on custom products specifically designed for being incorporated in the Alucobond suspended ceiling of the external accesses, and in the Axel Open System flexible system illuminating the galleries with special shapes, designed by the architecture studio, to generate movement and dynamism. The supply is completed by the characteristic red string lights on the facade, which make the hypermarket readily identifiable even from long distances.

Some design data: • 400 m of Axel Open System • 1,500 Sleds used • 260 m of red string lights on the facade.

Products used in this project