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Savona Port Authority

Savona - Italy

Project: Alfonso Femia with 5+1AA now Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia


The building has a straightforward composition articulated through two fi gures of simple geometry: “the rectangle-bridge”, a horizontal element, with an internal courtyard on to which the most public places face (the doubleheight foyer, the cafécanteen, the public space and meeting place), and the “square”, a vertical element, housing the workspaces and the most representative areas (meeting rooms, management and general office).

Access spaces are illuminated by Bubble and Quindici, 2 products in contrast  but capable to create confortable illumination and filling large spaces.

In collaboration with 5+1AA studio, the product Chiaro has been modified to allow installation in vertical suspension (single or double).
Chiaro is the hallmark of stairs and empty on several floors; a rain of light illuminates and fills these spaces.