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Propaganda Fide building

Rome - Italy

The palace is also known as Collegio Urbano because it was founded by Pope Urban VIII to house a congregation (a sort of department of the Papal government) having the purpose to promote and coordinate missionary activities (hence its Latin name); Cardinal Antonio Barberini, brother of the Pope, promoted the enlargement of the building after his brother's death in 1644;
the bees decorating the shops were one of the Barberini heraldic symbols. The palace still belongs to the congregation, although most of its activities are now housed in Nuovo Collegio
Urbano De Propaganda Fide. It is an extraterritorial property of the Holy See. Francesco Borromini completed the façade in 1662; it is the last large building designed by this architect and it is characteristic of his style which was based on the use of concave and convex lines.
The facade illuminated by Castaldi is the most important, overlooking Piazza di Spagna, one of the most famous tourist place in Rome. The D58 Boxes with Narrow beam illuminate only some details of the façade, while the 2 historic lanterns have been kept in order not to eliminate the historicity of the façade.

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