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ComoNExT 3rd block


Architect:  studio ADM Architettura di Ado Franchini
Electric project:  studio Artis


Inaugurated in 2010, ComoNExT Science and Technology Park is a project launched by the Como Chamber of Commerce to promote the growth and competitiveness of local businesses through a culture of innovation. ComoNExT is located in Lomazzo, in the former Cotonificio Somaini, a 19th-century cotton mill of great historical and architectural significance. The millís conversion highlights the determination to regenerate this industrial site and the surrounding area. The third block will add rentable spaces and will bring the total restored surface to more than 20.000 sqm.

The internal completion of the renovation works, signed by the ADM Architettura studio of Ado Franchini, covers the ground floor and the first floor of building A1, where work spaces will be created consisting of laboratories and offices that recall style of the first two lots (main body and incubator) already made since 2010.

The spaces will be predisposed with the latest technology in terms of domestics, energy efficiency, and smartness of shared workplaces.

The renovation of the ground floor of the building will give rise to an autonomous space of about 900 square meters; The remaining surface will be organized in smaller independent spaces, according to the structure of the first lot of ComoNExT. In the central area of ??the plan, there will be meeting rooms and meeting spaces for temporary permanence.

© ComoNExT


Castaldi Lighting has sold almost all its interior light fittings, supplying products of the MISS and SL.EVO families, which embody the state-of-the-art with regard to technology, control and efficiency. To make the lighting system even more innovative, the company has supplied products of the Dynamic White range, which guarantee the fullest integration in terms of dynamic light with Coelux systems found in meeting rooms. Lastly, in the near future Castaldi Lighting will be supplying a few SL.EVO prototypes equipped with Li-Fi technology; this will be one of the first installations in the world and will represent the future of the lighting concept.