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Campus Charlottenburg – TU Berlin

Berlin - Germany

Customer: Technische Universität
Landscape architect: Arge Lavaland &Treibhaus
Lighting design: Anselm von Held
Photo: Linus Lintner


The lighting for the Hertzallee extension was conceptualised as part of an overarching lighting concept for the entire campus interior. This lighting concept is designed to emphasise the Hertzallee as a regulative element for the area. Another aspect is the illumination of the campus in the evenings to make it visible. This is achieved by lighting up the façades in the entrance halls.

Lighting elements are positioned approx. 5m above the ground on light columns to illuminate the Hertzallee evenly. These are aligned with the row of trees in the boulevard, at approx. 15m intervals in line with the trees. A soft, indirect light illuminates the top of the trees.

The same light columns are used in the same formation on the north side of the site to the north of the Hertzallee. The façades are softly illuminated by the light columns, as well as additional wall lights mounted in the recesses in the building. This incorporates the site into the concept by illuminating the vertical room space, as well as emphasising the entrance to the campus on Fasanenstrasse and creating a pleasant atmosphere which improves the spatial quality of the area.

The entrance halls for the student’s union, stairs and ramps are illuminated with small, flush-mounted downlights installed in the roof overhang.

In conjunction with the manufacturer, Castaldi, small, understated, artistic light columns were developed for the project and were created with both direct and indirect, adjustable LED lighting modules.

Products used in this project