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Mattarella School

Modena – Italy

Project: Arteas progetti - Dr. Arch. Roberto Denti



The facility extends over two floors for a total of 4,360 square metres. It boasts high standards of heat insulation and energy performance (thanks to renewable energy sources), while the technical lighting system blends in perfectly with the facility’s architecture. To facilitate this contextualisation process of forms and materials, in collaboration with the architectural designers it was decided to use light fittings characterised by emissions, orientation and colour appropriately tailored to the facility and its materials and colours.

The design also took into account the system’s management and maintenance requirements, by guaranteeing appropriate passages, easy accessibility to the main distribution board and premium equipment in terms of quality and sturdiness.

Special emphasis was placed on energy saving both for financial reasons and also to underline and convey to students the principle of “not consuming” energy pointlessly. This goal was pursued through switch-on partialisation in classrooms and corridors, timer-based lighting in toilet facilities, low-energy lamps and dimmable lamps installed in the classrooms.

Products used in this project